Aurora 3.0 Tour

The Tour

These webpages will take you through many of the features and benefits of Aurora 3.0 for Windows from Aurora Systems. This tour is intended only to familiarize you with a few of Aurora's many features. For detailed information, see the online user's guide in the Aurora 3.0 for Windows program group.

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Aurora has the Largest Vocabularies
Aurora Helps People With Speech Difficulties
Aurora Helps People who Need Augmentative Communication
Aurora Prediction
Aurora has Great Word Prediction
Aurora Realvoice Speech Synthesis Included
Automatic Punctuation Spacing and Capitalization
Automatic Spelling Corrections
Client Server Support
Easy Conversation with Aurora Talk
Easy Pronunciation Correction
Easy to use Program Documentation
Echo Toolbar is Customizable and Keyboard Enabled
Extensive Speech Synthesizer Support
Features for Schools and Larger Installations
Free L&H Speech Engine
Get Aurora Prediction Up to Speed Fast
Grammatical Rules
Great for Public Speaking
Homonyms Assistance
Instant Speech from Preset Phrases
Manual Reading Features
Microsoft Speech Synthesis Included
Most Customizable Word List
Multiple Word Prediction
Multiuser Workstation Support
Phonetic Word Prediction
Prediction Window Follows the Cursor
Read the Prediction Window Aloud
Run-on Sentence Warning
Simple Screen Reader
Spoken Feedback as you Type
Support for Younger Users
Talking Spellchecker
Text-Speech Macros

This is an image of Aurora running on Windows XP. Aurora also supports Windows 3.1, 95, 98, Me, 2000 and NT 4.0.


Windows XP desktop

You can see Aurora Prediction in the top right hand corner showing the list of words it thinks the user might want to type. Along the top is the Aurora Echo toolbar which gives you many powerful and flexible screen reading and readback features. At the bottom is Aurora Talk which provides a quick and easy conversation interface so you can type and talk anything you might want to say.

This tour uses animated GIF files extensively, so if this new isn't rotating, you will not receive the entire experience.

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