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How DyslexiWrite can help you

DyslexiWrite features:

  • The smartest word prediction system on the market, with its own training program. Pre-trained from more than 30,000 words of English text.
  • Spell check that draws from more than 300,000 word forms.
  • Voice for the reading of word suggestions, text, and spell check suggestions-choose from the built-in digitized voice or an external voice (SAPI 4, SAPI 5, or clipboard).
  • Dyslexia-oriented spell check and word predictor.
  • Spell check and word predictor can also be customized to compensate for other kinds of typing errors such as vowel inversion, word pictures (tall, medium, and dangling letters seen as equivalent), phonetic spelling, and your own spelling patterns.
  • Dictionary Manager features "quarantine system" for new words.
  • Set your own auto-corrections with Dictionary Manager.
  • Automatic capitalization after a period and of proper nouns (can be turned on and off).
  • User Guide (read here pdf) with QuickStart and tours of the programs.
  • Convenient installation program.
  • Competitive price and simple licensing terms.
  • Free 60-day trial (not including digitized voice) - contact us
  • Built-in digitized voice for reading of menus, messages, and buttons (can be turned on and off).

    Universal DyslexiWrite operates alongside Microsoft Office, ICQ, and many other programs, and features all of the above functions.



























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