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DyslexiWrite - Word Processing For Dyslexics

The DyslexiWrite product package includes both Integrated DyslexiWrite and Universal DyslexiWrite, plus Reader and ClipReader at no extra charge.


Windows XP Only

No Support Available

Only Single License Available




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Integrated DyslexiWrite
Integrated DyslexiWrite is a stand-alone word-processing program, with word suggestions, spell check, and voice output for reading in one complete package, tailored to people with dyslexia and others with reading or writing difficulties. Click here to read more about Integrated DyslexiWrite.




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Universal DyslexiWrite
Universal DyslexiWrite works alongside popular leading writing programs, providing word suggestions, spell check, and voice to programs such as Word, Outlook, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, Notepad, WordPad, ICQ, and many more. Click here to read more about Universal DyslexiWrite.




DyslexiWrite combines the most intelligent dyslexia-oriented word predictor and spell check on the market with voice output in one complete package, without placing reading capability requirements on the user.

DyslexiWrite was developed from consulting with top reading and spelling therapists. DyslexiWrite is easy to use, and all menus, messages, and buttons can be read aloud automatically.

DyslexiWrite features real context-dependent word prediction. That means you can even receive word suggestions without typing anything at all! In other programs, you are required to type at least the first part of the word you want before receiving help.

Read more about how DyslexiWrite uses word prediction to offer accurate word choices.



























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