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Easy word processing for people with Dyslexia

Integrated DyslexiWrite combines word suggestions, voice, and a dyslexia-oriented spell check in one easy-to-use program. Integrated DyslexiWrite is tailor-made for use in special education classes, for children learning to read and write, for those with limited computer experience, as well as advanced computer users. Installation and operation have been kept as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. Installation usually takes no more than ten minutes!

Read the "QuickStart" section in the User Guide.

But, just because Integrated DyslexiWrite is easy to use doesn't mean it isn't sophisticated! Integrated DyslexiWrite offers the latest in language technology, including context-dependent word suggestions and automatic compensation for common typing errors.

The Danish version of Integrated DyslexiWrite was praised by Dansk Dyslexia publication (Dansk Audiologopædi) and, the Danish Public Elementary School system (Folkeskolen) and in its year was adopted by more than 100 Danish elementary schools and high schools.

Test-driving Integrated DyslexiWrite is free, and we also supply free demo licenses to reading and spelling therapists, district centers, and teaching institutions. Integrated DyslexiWrite is the most economical option for schools, because our institutional license allows for unlimited copying, installation, and distribution to all the school's computers, including all teachers' and students' private machines. An additional rebate applies with the purchase of both Universal and Integrated DyslexiWrite.

Obtain a free demo (without voice) that can be used for 60 days without obligation.

Read more about pricing and licensing.

Unlike other leading products, DyslexiWrite offers all the functions you need in one program.



























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