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DyslexiWrite - Word Processing For Dyslexics


Integrated DyslexiWrite is a text editor that helps you find the correct words as you write and edit your text. Over time, DyslexiWrite adapts to your style, incorporating what it's learned into its prediction system.


Integrated DyslexiWrite opens with a text-editor window and accompanying word-suggestion panel. As you type into the word editore, DyslexiWrite pays constant attention to the way you write, incorporating your style and choice of words into its prediction system, so that, the more you write, the more suitable and representative of your own writing the word predictions become.

The next thing you may notice is that the suggestions all begin with capitals. That’s because Integrated DyslexiWrite is poised for you to begin a sentence, and knows to start with a capital. You don’t actually need to write anything at all in order to receive the first suggestions—Integrated DyslexiWrite is trained in standard English and will suggest the ten most common words for beginning a generic document. Once you start writing, however, Integrated DyslexiWrite will hone its list of suggestions accordingly.

With time, Integrated DyslexiWrite will even learn your personal vocabulary, and you can train Integrated DyslexiWrite to help you write other kinds of documents using the Dictionary Trainer.

If you do not want to see word suggestions until you have typed a certain number of letters, or if you only want suggestions based on alphabetic look-up in the dictionary, you can change the settings for word suggestions on the “Advanced settings” panel of the Setup programme.

By right-clicking a word suggestion, you can hear it aloud. Alternatively, hold the ALT key while typing the key named at the left of the word, for example, ALT+1 on the number pad.

By left-clicking a word suggestion, you can insert that word directly into your document. Alternatively, typing the appropriate key will achieve the same effect, for example, 1 on the number pad.

Settings you can adjust in the Set-up programme:

  • Set the word predictor to respond to your specific error patterns.
  • Change the type size of word suggestions and messages: select normal, large, or very large type.
  • Turn off the reading aloud of menus, buttons, and messages.
  • Choose either the function keys or the numeric keypad to make your keyboardbased selections.
  • On the “Advanced settings” tab, set whether you prefer not to see suggestions until after you’ve typed a certain number of letters, or whether you prefer suggestions according to alphabetic dictionary lookups.



























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