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Word prediction, spell check, and integrated voice for your favorite programs including Microsoft Office.

Universal DyslexiWrite expands popular word-processing programs with functions dyslexics can really use. With Universal DyslexiWrite you get word suggestions, a dyslexia-oriented spell checker, and a digitized voice for hearing words out loud. Universal DyslexiWrite can be used with most widely used programs, among them Microsoft Office , Notepad, and ICQ. Universal DyslexiWrite is the solution for those who feel they have graduated from Integrated DyslexiWrite.

See screen shots of Universal DyslexiWrite in use with popular programs.

Universal DyslexiWrite includes the newest and most advanced English language technology, yet the program is easy to install and use. When Universal DyslexiWrite can help, it springs into action beside the program you are using. When you no longer need Universal DyslexiWrite, it hides itself automatically so as not to be in your way.

Read "A Tour of Universal DyslexiWrite" in the User Guide.

Universal DyslexiWrite contains the same functions as Integrated DyslexiWrite: Automatic compensation for common typing errors, word suggestions, spell check, and the choice of the built-in digitized voice or popular synthetic voices.

Try Universal DyslexiWrite for 60 days at no obligation.

DyslexiWrite is the most economical choice for schools, as our institutional license allows you to make as many free copies as you wish for your school. Install the program on all the school's computers, even teachers' and students' private machines.

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