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PROMT machine translation software translates your business or technical documents, letters, e-mail and web sites quickly and with high accuracy. Here you may purchase translation software and dictionaries for translation directions as follows: German <-> English, Spanish <-> English, English --> Portuguese, Russian <-> English. The PROMT XT (eXcellent Translation) machine translation process, on which all of the products being presented are based, has been continuously developed by engineers and linguists with over 20 years of experience.

This process produces highly accurate results, a fact confirmed over and over again in tests conducted by trade magazines. Custom settings and additional specialized dictionaries both contribute to enhancing the faithfulness of translations of specialized texts. The new @promt Family consists of four products: @promt Standard, @promt Office, @promt Professional and @promt  Expert.

promt language translation promt language translation  

@promt Standard Language Translation
version 8 $99.00

Sale Price: $50.00

@promt Professional Language Translation
version 8 $295.00

Sale Price: $149.00

promt language translation pocket promt language translation  

@promt Expert Language Translation
version 8 $595.00

Sale Price: $249.00

Pocket @promt Language Translation for IPAQ
version 8 $79.00

Sale Price: $39.00

Features @promt Office @promt
@promt Expert
MS Office plug-ins  
PDF translation
Web site translation
XML translation  
Powerful linguistic editor
User dictionaries (creating and editing)
Associated Memory (AM)
Batch file translation    
Terminology Extraction    
In-built macro language    
Included electronic dictionary  
Source and target text synchronization
Format saving at word level
Saving adjustment options
Specialized Dictionaries
AM Databases Filled
Integration with TRADOS    
Text-To-Speech (TTS) support


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