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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Version 10 Overview

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Version 10 Requirements

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Version 10 Key Features

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Version 10


What's New

More Speed. More Accuracy. More Features.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 is here, and the world’s best-selling speech recognition system just keeps getting better. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is faster and more accurate than ever, delivering up to 20% more accurate results than Version 9. Your transcribed words now appear on the screen in half the time it took in the past. With new Dragon Voice Shortcuts, you can search the Web for information, products, news and more with a single voice command. Updated graphical icons for the DragonBar are intuitive and easy to see. New Quick Voice Formatting makes it easier to format, delete, and copy words and passages with a single command.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Medical Improved Accuracy
Dragon Medical Enterprise 10 is up to 20% more accurate “out-of-the-box” than Medical version 9, and Dragon Medical 10 is over 38% more accurate than Dragon Professional 10 when used in a medical setting.

Faster Than Ever
Dragon Medical 10 delivers significant improvement in response time. Fast speakers will observe more than 50% reduction in the time it takes for words to appear on the screen.

Electronic Medical Record Support
Medical professionals can navigate and dictate inside any Windows- or Citrix-based EMR application software.

Hidden Mode
Users can dictate while reviewing lab or radiology test results and save when finished anywhere in the EMR. (Not available in Dragon Medical Small Practice).

HIPAA Supportive
Protects patient confidentiality and helps provider organizations support HIPAA standards.

Medical Vocabularies
Dragon Medical 10 and Dragon Medical Enterprise 10 contains vocabularies covering nearly 80 medical specialties and subspecialties which ensure high physician dictation accuracy.

PowerMic™ II Ready
Program your PowerMic II buttons to run any Dragon function or user voice command.

PowerMic® II Support for Citrix®
The PowerMic is now certified for use in a Citrix environment.

PowerMic II Barcode Support
The PowerMic with integrated barcode scanner can be used to scan MRN’s, Patient ID, or accession numbers… in your EMR.

Medical Formatting Rules
Smart software expands medical abbreviations and follows capitalization rules of medical terms.

Show user commands only in Command browser (Not available in Dragon Medical Small Practice).

Text and graphics commands with voice fields — Quickly automate form filling applications. Create text and graphics commands in the MyCommands Editor that contains fields for rapid documentation. (Not available in Dragon Medical Small Practice).

Improved Auto-Transcription
The Auto-Transcribe Folder Agent now creates a synchronized audio file along with the automatic transcript for deferred correction. Dragon Medical Enterprise 10 gives the Auto-Transcribe Agent the option of creating a synchronized audio (.DRA) file along with the transcript file, making it possible to later get the benefit of Playback and Correction.

Correction Only Profile
Correctionists can create a “No dictation available” without any audio setup, so third-party correction is easier than ever. Dragon Medical Enterprise 10 lets “correctionists” open the dictation files to make corrections by hand, which contributes to the optimization of the speaker’s profile over time. (Not available in Dragon Medical Small Practice).


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