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BrailleNote Multi-lingual

Go multi lingual on your BrailleNote BT or VoiceNote BT - choose any or all of the following languages; French, German, Italian and Spanish.

As well as English each of these languages has its own Braille characters, correct pronunciation for speech and lets you read and write in Braille or text, name files, search for text, check spelling, adjust pronunciation, and print and emboss. Once the language is chosen, the language features are retained even if text is cut and pasted. Read or write entire documents in another language, or simply include excerpts in an essay. 
BrailleNote demonstration


Multi-lingual is ideal for:

  • studying another language
  • corresponding with friends in other languages

Foreign Language* 
(German, French,Italian or Spanish)    $249
*Available on BrailleNote BT models only 

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