WordQ Software Compatibility

WordQ is developed for use with Windows 98 - Vista. Known compatibility issues are described in this section.

Windows 98/ME

The only known problems that exist with Windows 98/ME relate to incompatibility of current user vocabularies with those used in beta versions of WordQ.

Microsoft® Active Accessibility® is fully supported in Windows 98 and ME.

Windows NT 4.0

NT Service Pack 6 (SP6) must be installed to allow Microsoft® Active Accessibility® to be installed. This provides support of the speech features to read the text of menu items, options, buttons, Desktop icons, and lists.

The current WordQ version is limited to one user per installation. If another user tries to log on, then the New User dialog box is presented each time.

Windows 2000/XP

WordQ software must be installed by the System Administrator.

Microsoft® Active Accessibility® is fully implemented in Windows 2000/XP. Therefore, you may be prompted during the installation to overwrite files that are older than existing files. IMPORTANT: Choose No to all in response to this prompt.

The end-user must be given WRITE priviledges in \WordQ directory by the System Administrator so that user files can be saved.

Windows Vista
WordQ 2.5 is fully adapted to running on Windows Vista machines. If you are running WordQ 2.2, or an older version, it is suggested that you upgrade to 2.5. To download it please see the download page

WordQ 2.2 will function in Windows Vista. However, special instructions must be followed to register its serial number. When registering WordQ with its serial number, you must run WordQ ONE TIME ONLY as a high-level administrator.

1. Right-click on the WordQ 2.2 desktop icon.
2. From the pop-up menu, choose "Run as administrator"
3. A Windows User Account Control dialog will appear. Choose "Allow" to run WordQ.
4. Click the Register button on the next WordQ message box that appears.
5. Enter your registration information (Name and Serial Number).
6. After WordQ fully loads, quit WordQ and then restart it by clicking the desktop icon (not as administrator since WordQ will not function properly when running in the high-level administrator mode).

SpeakQ 1.5 is also fully compatible with Windows Vista. SpeakQ 1.2 does not work with Vista, and will not function on a machine running Vista. To download SpeakQ 1.5 please see the download page
Application Limitations

The following table lists known limitations with specific applications:


Corel WordPerfect 6.0, Suite 8, 2000

MS Works 5.0, 6.0

MS IE 4.01, 5.0, 5.5

MS Outlook Express


WordQ is unable to highlight text word-by-word as it reads. To use the Read function, highlight your text and then select the Read button. Your text remains highlighted.
MS Outlook 97, 98, 2000 If you use HTML format, the Read function is only available when you use Microsoft Word to edit your e-mail messages. The Read function is always available when you use Plain Text or Rich Text message format.
MS Word for Windows 95, Version 7.0 WordQ is unable to highlight text word-by-word as it reads. To use the Read function, highlight your text and then select the Read button. Your text remains highlighted.

The prediction list is unable to follow the cursor.

WordQ is able to read the text of menu items, but not buttons, icons, and lists.

MS Word 97 add-in to Dragon NaturallySpeaking When using this add-in version, selection by numbers is not available.
MS Word 2000 original, 9.0.3821 SR-1 Words you select from the list will be missing letters if the word list is touching the Word 2000 title bar or any part of the window border. Please reposition the word list so that it is not touching the window border. This does not appear to be a problem in Word 2000 9.0.2720.


See Speech Limitations


Speech Limitations
  1. The Read function, which helps you proofread your text, may be limited in some non-Microsoft programs.
  2. WordQ is unable to read back a line of text that exceeds 2000 characters in length. You will receive the message, "Unable to read the text." To avoid this, please turn on the word wrap feature of your application.
  3. Documents containing special formatting features such as tables and embedded objects do not always show proper highlighting when read.
  4. Words that immediately follow a /, \, (, or ", are not highlighted when read.
  5. Speech feedback is may not be available when RealPlayer or another media player is also running. This depends on the type of soundcard and whether it supports multiple channels of output. You should shut down all programs that use your sound card.


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