WordQ Description

WordQ 2 (English)

US and CA|UK versions 2.5 available (XP and Vista)

What can I do with WordQ?

You can use WordQ along with any standard writing software (e.g., Microsoft Word, WordPad, Notepad, or Outlook). When you type a letter, WordQ predicts what you might want to write and displays a list of correctly spelled words from which you can choose. When you see the word you want, you can choose it with a single keystroke or with the mouse. If you need help deciding which word to use, each word can be read aloud before you make a selection.

When youíve finished typing your sentence, WordQ can read it back to you. Then you can hear if there are any mistakes such as missing words or punctuation. Often you can hear mistakes that you canít see.

WordQ suggests words in any application

Several starting user vocabularies are included (using Canadian, UK, or US spelling) at different writing and age levels. These are like the words in your head. WordQ continually learns how you use words so that it improves over time. If you want to write about a specific area, you can create and use specialized topic lists to make the predictions even better. Different people can also use WordQ, each with their own user vocabulary.





What is WordQ





System Requirements

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