WordQ Software Features

WordQ 2 Advantages

  • A high-quality natural sounding text-to-speech engine by the Acapela Group is included so that text is more clearly heard
  • In-context prediction makes corrections easier by displaying appropriate word predictions wherever the text cursor is placed, even when the cursor is in the middle of a word
  • A temporarily disappearing word prediction box allows you to move through your documents without distraction while holding down any arrow key
  • Usage examples with speech feedback of commonly confused words, such as “there” and “their,” helps you distinguish such words
    word usage example
  • Creative spelling is now optionally considered as you type when predicting words to show you spellchecked suggestions
    creative spelling word prediction suggestions
  • Saving user vocabularies and usage examples as an independent file allows easier editing and sharing with other users

WordQ v2.5 Improvements

  • The Read mode has been improved for reading scanned documents and e-books.
  • The Acapela text-to-speech engine has been upgraded.
  • WordQ now supports working with Microsoft Paint so that users can now scan a page (e.g., workbook or test) as a bitmap, and then use WordQ to enter text over top.
  • SAPI 4 text-to-speech has been replaced with SAPI 5 text-to-speech. This eliminates conflict problems experienced with some other software that used SAPI 4, such Dragon NaturallySpeaking. As a consequence, WordQ is now supported in Windows XP and Vista only.

WordQ v2.4 Improvements

  • WordQ is now supported within Microsoft Vista (32-bit).
  • User profiles/vocabularies are now stored under ...(My) Documents\WordQ 2 Users folder.
  • A preferences dialog has been added under the Options menu related to saving the user's vocabulary on exiting WordQ, making vocabulary backups, and showing labels on the toolbar buttons.
  • Word prediction list now follows the text caret on multiple monitors.
  • Reading within tables in Microsoft Word is now supported.
  • WordQ is compatible with the Logitech G15 keyboard and can display predictions on that keyboard's display.
  • A number of application incompatibilities have been eliminated (Outlook 2007, Word 2007, Vista Start Menu).
  • The Acapela text-to-speech engine has been upgraded.
  • WordQ 2.4 English now comes in two versions with high quality voices in two languages.
    • WordQ English v2.4 US (English/Spanish). Voices include:
      • Canadian/US "Heather"
      • Latin American Spanish "Rosa"
    • WordQ English v2.4 CA | UK (English/French). Voices include:
      • Canadian/US English "Heather"
      • UK English "Lucy"
      • Canadian French "Louise"
      • European French "Claire"


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