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A free 30-day demonstration version of the software is now available for download.  Please evaluate the product to ensure that you are completely satisfied before placing an order.

We are currently shipping WordQ v3 and SpeakQ v3, both for Microsoft XP and Vista and Windows 7. Note: SpeakQ v3 Franšais requires Vista Franšais.

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WordQ 3 Software


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WordQ 3 SpeakQ 3 bundle $299.00 naturallyspeaking preferred add to order
WordQ 3 Upgrade from WordQ 1.x $99.50  
SpeakQ plug-in for WordQ 3 $99.00  


1) Single copies

  • A single copy includes one CD, one user guide, one serial number with permission to install on one computer. Single copies are ideal when you need to purchase one copy for a specific student.


  1. Prices subject to change without notice.
  2. All purchases made for identified students (e.g., IEP claims) are considered as single units. This copy may be used by the student at school and at home.
  3. Previous WordQ 1.x serial number required to purchase and install WordQ 2 upgrade.
  4. WordQ 3 must be purchased and installed to use SpeakQ plug-in



For further information or questions about licensing, please call 800-317-9611



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System Requirements

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