WOrdQ Software

To help you with your writing and editing, you can have letters, words, and sentences spoken as you type. This helps you confirm that you have selected  the correct character, word, or combination of words and punctuation. When a word is unknown or believed to be incorrectly spelled, it is spoken out letter-by-letter.

A special reading mode allows you to proofread your text. When Microsoft Word, Outlook, WordPad, or Notepad is used, your text is highlighted and read word-by-word within the application. If you prefer to proofread at your own pace, you have the option to read a word or a sentence at a time. Web browsers and non-standard writing applications provide the reading  capabilities without highlighting word-by-word.

Some applications will further allow Window items such as menus, lists, icons and buttons to be spoken as you use them.

Speech dialog

Speech feedback dialog




What is WordQ





System Requirements

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