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Dual Switches

A Dual Switch is two single switches in one.  It has a 1/8" stereo plug which can be adapted to make single switch "mono" plugs, and then used to control any two devices that each require a single switch for operation.  The adapter required is the CA-2, model #4341.  A Dual Switch can also control any one device with a stereo plug that requires two switches for operation.



#5100 Short Not Available
#5101 Long Not Available

A sip and puff switch.  To activate one switch, you "sip" and to activate the other, you "puff". Internal saliva trap allows for easy cleaning. 

Two models:
#5100 Pneumatic-short (5"neck)  
#5101 Pneumatic-long (14"neck) 
with extended tube for swivel clamp mounting 




#5105 Not Available

The switch on each side is activated by pressing down on any part of the surface.

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