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Mouse Mover

The Mouse Mover allows an individual to control all mouse functions on both Windows and Macintosh computers using a combination of five single switches or any multiple switch. The single switches plug into five 1/8" jacks on the Mouse Mover, which plugs directly into the computer. A multiple switch plugs into the 9 pin jack on the Mouse Mover. Pressing on each switch then delivers a specific mouse function - click, press and hold, release, and all mouse directional movements. On the Windows version you will find six single switch jacks to allow for access to the right mouse click. This device does not come with the pictured switches. You must select and purchase the appropriate switches for this device.

Suitable for:

People who cannot control the standard computer mouse, but can use single or multiple switches for access

  #25006 USB $406.25


      #25006 USB
Mouse: Microsoft Mouse Driver   USB
Connector 9 pin sub to serial port or PS/2 port  Apple Desktop Bus
Access Methods Six Single Switches

Multiple Switch

Five Single Switches

Multiple Switch

Six Single Switches

Multiple Switch

  • Ability to choose Mouse Speed

  • Ability to Drag items on-screen

  • Ability to set a slow initial mouse speed for precision placement

Size:  6x3.5x1.5"
Weight 1.4lb
(May not work with some compatibles)

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