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Multiple Switches

A Multiple Switch is five switches in one, and is used to control any device that requires five single switches for operation.  It has a 9 pin D female connector, which can be adapted to make five single switch "mono" plugs for controlling any five devices operated by a single switch.  The adapter you need is the CA-6, model #4354.

Joystick  with Pad USB


#5012 Not Available

A great switch for people who can maneuver a joystick but need a large one. The joystick has four positions, and the fifth switch is activated by pressing the brown raised pad. This is a very rugged switch! Tactile and auditory feedback.

Mini Joystick  with Push


#5020 Not Available

Four switches are activated by moving the joystick in four directions; the fifth is activated by pressing down on the joystick shaft. Two tips are included: one is flexible rubber and can be cut to desired size, and the other is hard plastic. Tactile and auditory feedback.

Penta USB


#5024 Not Available

For people with fine motor skills and good targeting ability. The five switches are small (.3" in diameter) and activated by pressing down on buttons. Tactile and auditory feedback. 

Star #5026

Star USB #5326

Not Available  $250.00

Not Available  $281.25

Each switch is 2.25" in diameter and slightly recessed. Comes with five colored stickers. Slight tactile and auditory feedback. 

Wafer #5018

Wafer USB # 5318

Not Available  $250.00

Not Available  $281.25


Five membrane switches, each 2.25" in diameter and slightly recessed. No tactile or auditory feedback. 

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