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#2802    Not Available

The ULTIMATE 8 is a portable communication device using digitized voice. It is constructed of plastic that is resistant to dropping, mishandling and moisture. Superb voice quality at an unbeatable price! This 8 message communicator utilizes digitized voice for simple record/playback/rerecord. It features 8 messages of 4 seconds each, and each message may be accessed by touching the keypad directly or one of 8 switches (not included). Overlay may be inserted for easy message recall.

  • On/off switch
  • Volume control
  • Batteries included
  • Message retention when batteries changed
  • Equipped with 8 switch jacks

The ULTIMATE carry case is designed to fit both versions of the ULTIMATE. It can be used as a hip pack or worn over the shoulder.

#2806 $46.67   Not Available

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