Read & Write (V9) will read text as you type or from any open document. It will read each word, sentence, paragraph or selected text with highlighting. There is a choice of 31 different voices including British and American accents. The voice can also be adjusted to suit you by altering the pitch, speed, volume and/or word pause. You can choose the way text is displayed or highlighted during speech:

  • Text can be colored highlighting in the document either dual color highlighting or block highlighting depending on the application.
  • Text can be brought into the Text Reader window where the color of highlighting and size of font can be changed to suit your needs.
  • Speech can be shown in Speech Balloons these can be with or without an animated character.
  • Speak using One Word Display this will display one word at a time as it is being spoken in a large letterbox display.
  • No visual display.

There is also the option to have an animated character to accompany you.

By hearing your work read you will be able to identify mistakes in punctuation, spelling and meaning. Having documents read to you will increase your understanding and word recognition.

Speech can also be used with any of the other features of Read & Write (V9). For example, with the dictionary, meanings and sample sentences can be read to ensure complete understanding.

How to Read with Read & Write (V9)
Read & Write (V9) will read selected text or will read automatically as you type.

To have Read & Write (V9) read selected text.
Highlight the text you wish read and click the button.

To stop speech simply click the button on the Read & Write (V9) toolbar.

The Speech Properties panel has a number of tabs from which you can adjust the voice to suit your taste.

Read & Write (V9) will read each letter, word or sentence as you type. You can choose which option in the Speech Properties Panel.


From the Speech Properties Panel you can:

  • Select and adjust voice settings by pitch, speed, volume and word pause. Search for other available compatible voices.
  • Choose a character and select to have speech balloons if wanted. Adjust how the speech balloon will look
  • Specify how a word is pronounced.
  • Adjust Speak as I type and set up screen reading.
  • Select what type of speech highlighting you want to use and adjust it accordingly.

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