Read & Write (V9) has an advanced phonetic spellchecker to analyze and correct spellings. You can choose to spell check as you type or check you completed work. Any spelling mistake will be identified and the Spellchecker window will provide a list of suggested corrections with the meanings of each to aid the correct choice.

The suggestions and meanings can be read by Read & Write (V9) to help you choose. A spelling log will record every mistake and correction made.

The spell checker will allow you to work independently and increase the accuracy of your work.

How to Spell check with Read & Write (V9)
To spell check as you type select it from the drop down menu under Spell Check.

To spell check your completed document highlight the text and click on the Spell Check button. The Spellchecker window will open with the first error identified and a list of suggestions. 

By selecting one of the suggestions a list of the meanings for that word will be shown. The suggestions and meanings can be read by selecting them and clicking on the button. Once you have found the word that you want it is simply a matter of clicking on the Change button to have the corrected word placed in your document.

The spelling options can be adjusted to suit your individual needs. The spelling options can be opened under the Spell Check Button:

The Spelling Options allows you to

  • set up and use a custom dictionary.
  • set up search options to check for certain types of errors.

You can access the Advanced Options by selecting the Advanced Options box.

In the Advanced Options you can:

  • Add and delete words in the Auto correct.
  • specify suggestions for regularly misspelled words.
  • use a phonetic map to search for errors caused by letter groups that sound the same.
  • use the error log file to analyze spelling errors.

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