Homophone support is a fundamental element of Read & Write (V9). Many people get confused with like sounding words. Read & Write (V9)ís homophone support reduces confusion between like sounding words with different meanings. This feature identifies homophones and provides audible definitions. 1400 of these are listed as standard. The Same Sounding Words Panel shows the list of words that can be confused and a definition for each one to help pick the one you want to use.

By identifying and providing audible definitions of homophones Read & Write (V9) ensures you are using the correct word in context.

How to check for Homophones with Read & Write (V9)
To check your text for homophones select the text and click on the replace button. This will highlight all homophones and bring up the Same Sounding Words window.

This will show a list of the words most commonly confused with the selected word. By selecting any of the words in the list and clicking on the button you can have the word and meaning read to you. Once you have found the word that you need it is simply a matter of clicking on the Replace button to have the word placed in to your text.

It is possible to edit the homophones within Read & Write (V9) by selecting Options in the Same Sounding Words window.

This will open the Homophone Panel

You can then:

  • add words to a homophone database.
  • delete words from a homophone database.
  • edit the meaning shown for a homophone.

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