Word Prediction can enable you to develop your writing skills by providing the tools to construct sentences with ease. Our word predictor learns your style of writing and predicts the word you want to use next. It also incorporates a prediction database based on a 100 million-word corpus. As you type a list of suggestions will appear in the Prediction Panel. 

Indicators beside each word show context accuracy. This means that you will be less likely to make a grammatical error so increasing the quality of your work.

Our Word Predictor will also predict words for when you spell phonetically. This improves the quality of the prediction suggestion list and ensures that if you are prone to phonetic errors you will find the Word Prediction more useful.

Word Prediction will allow you to produce high quality work and reduce the time it takes to do so.

How to predict with Read & Write (V9)

To start using the Word Prediction click on the Word Prediction button. This will open the Prediction panel. As you type a list of words will appear in this panel. To select a word, press the corresponding function key.

Phonetic Prediction

If you spell phonetically, the Word Prediction includes phonetic prediction. For example, starting to spell the word "phone" with "fo" the word predictor will predict you are looking to use the "phone" and suggest it.

Context Based

You can select the level of context accuracy to allow the word prediction to be tailored to your needs. Each predicted word’s context accuracy is indicated:

Green – Highly likely & grammatically correct based on word triplets.

Amber – Highly likely & grammatically correct based on word pairs.

Blue – Possible based on word frequency – no context base.

Vocabulary Subsets

Vocabulary subsets allows you to select the level of vocabulary most suited you – Child, Teenager and Adult.

You can also select vocabulary categories that are relevant to your topic:

1. Creative Writing

2. World Affairs, Commerce & Politics

3. Pure, Applied and Natural Sciences

4. Arts & Leisure

5. Social Sciences 

You can alter the way the Prediction works by accessing the Prediction Options in the Prediction Menu.

From here you can:

  • Alter the way the Prediction Panel appears
  • Have the list of suggestions set to be automatically read and highlighted. This aids you to find the word you want to use more quickly.
  • The advanced options can be accessed by selecting the Show Advanced Options box. From here you can:
  • Have the Prediction learn your style of writing from other sources.
  • Add phonetic replacements.
  • Adjust the sensitivity of the Context based prediction and choose vocabulary subsets.
  • Choose which Prediction file to use. There is the choice of small, medium and large. Add and delete.


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