Word Wizard provides a logical leap for people who are lost for words. A step-by-step process links the word you know, to the word you are searching for. This provides a great choice of alternative words and provides a list of linking words. Each of the descriptions and sample sentences can be read by Read & Write (V9) to help you find the word you want to use.

This feature increases vocabulary, understanding and efficiency.

How to use the Word Wizard

Highlight the word you want a linked word for. Then click on the WordWizard button. This will bring up the Word Wizard panel. 


From here it is a simple step by step process asking for you to make choices to narrow the search until you are provided with a list of words with descriptions and sample sentences.


Each of the descriptions and sample sentences can be read by selecting them and clicking on the button . Once you have found the type of word you want to use click on the Next button. 

Click on one of the Advanced Search radio buttons depending on the type of search you want to conduct. Click on the Next button to continue.


Click on a word or phrase in the Related Words or Phrases list box to view a list of related synonyms. Once you have found the word you want you can place it in to your document by clicking the Replace button.

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