The Bierley ColorMouse-USB-RM

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Works with any desktop or notebook PC using USB 2.0 and XP or Vista
Ergonomic and easy to use
Crisp, vivid, full color image
Resize to change magnification
Plugs directly into any USB 2.0 port
5 feet of easy store cable
Simple, full function utility software included
Microfiber MouseBag included
Durable, CE approved, built to last




Designed to help you read schoolwork, office work, magazines, books, documents, check your watch and much more, all in full color

Another Customer TestimonialHow It Works

1) Install the driver from the supplied CD the first time you use a ColorMouse-USB-RM

2) Thereafter, each time you use the magnifier, simply plug it in to a USB 2.0 port and click the application icon on your desktop

3) Hold the ColorMouse-USB-RM in your hand, just like a computer mouse, and whatever you move your hand over appears magnified on your screen

4) That's it. Enjoy reading or working

To switch from the Full Color Mode to Reverse Mode (white text on black background), press the smaller round button at the back of the magnifier.

To switch from the Reverse Mode to Enhanced Mode (pure black text on pure white background), press the small round button again.

To switch back to Full Color Mode, press the small round button one last time.


Software Download

To download the latest version of XP drivers   Click Here
File size : 9.46MB

To download the latest version of Vista drivers   Click Here
File size : 10.5MB

To download the latest version of AMCap   Click Here
File size : 3.88MB


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