Shoppa at a supermarket

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Ultimate Portability
Ultra lightweight
Big 7" screen
Full color
Crisp, clear image
None glare screen
Simple, easy to use Brightness and Contrast controls
Variable optical magnification
Extremely easy to use
4 hours battery life
Optional spare battery pack
Multi-Function - Carry it, Stand it, Lay it down
Ergonomically designed for comfortable extended use
Reading, writing or just looking - it's all possible
Robust, CE Approved and Built to Last
The list goes on .................



Shoppa reading a book Shoppa reading a timetable


Think how a Shoppa could benefit you.


Read product labels at the supermarket
Read a timetable at the train station
Check a plant label at the garden centre
Look at the settings on an oven or microwave
Read a notice at the post office
See what a forms says in the bank
Check the menu at a restaurant
Make sure a prescription is correct
Check a receipt before leaving a shop
Be certain it's the microwave one and not oven ready
Be sure which bank card it is
Read the numbers on a credit card
Look at a child's school project right then and there


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