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WYNN 5.1: Software for people with reading challenges

WYNN Wizard $940.00
WYNN Reader $390.00
System Requirements for Use with a PC
Computer Type Pentium 400 MHz or better processor
Operating System Windows Vista™, Windows XP, or Windows 2000 (32 bit) Windows 7
Video Display A VGA video card and monitor, running at 800x600 resolution and high-color 16-bit mode or greater
Memory 128 MB of RAM (256 MB if using RealSpeak™ Solo voices)
Hard Disk 400 MB of available hard disk space (1GB if installing RealSpeak Solo voices)
Media WYNN ships on CD-ROM
Microphone Included, for voice annotations
Recognized File Types WYNN can open and read ASCII text, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, HTML, and many more file types
Speech Synthesis WYNN ships with IBM’s ViaVoice Outloud speech software to make your PC speak. To use ViaVoice Outloud for speech synthesis, you need a sound card in your computer. WYNN also supports most SSIL speech synthesizers, including DECtalk.
Supported Scanners (for WYNN Wizard) See our scanner information page
Optional An Internet connection plus an ISP (Internet Service Provider), TWAIN-compatible scanner for scanning using WYNN Wizard

Scanner Info:

Which Scanners Do We Recommend?

People often ask us which scanners we recommend. Below is a list of several scanner models that have been tested with WYNN and work well. The first few are the latest models, with older models listed farther down in the list.

Note that some of these scanners have been discontinued by the manufacturers in favor of newer models. That doesn't always mean the scanners are not available. Retail stores usually carry scanners for quite a while after the manufacturer has discontinued them.

Also note that just because a particular scanner model works well, that doesn't always mean a similar model will work equally well. An example of that is the Visioneer 8900: our Test Department feels this scanner is too quirky to be strongly recommended (special steps are required to cancel scanning, among other things). Yet the Visioneer 8800 is highly recommended.

Highly Recommended Scanners

Epson 1650
Epson 1640 SU Office (comes with Automatic Document Feeder)
Epson 1250
Visioneer OneTouch 8800

Highly Recommended Older Model Scanners (more than 6 months old)

Epson 1640 SU
Epson 1240
Visioneer OneTouch 8600
Microtek X12 USL (legal sized)
Canon 630 EY
Umax: all SCSI models are good and stable; most USB models are good and stable for WYNN 3, but are not recommended for WYNN 2.

About HP Scanners…

We used to recommend HP scanners because they worked very smoothly with our products. However, HP recently started making changes to all the scanners that impacted the compatibility with our software. The last HP scanners we felt really comfortable with were the 5200 and the 6300. After that, the testing was not as "passable" as with other scanners. The HP5300, 4300, and 3200 are not recommended because they are designed for occasional use only, and they did not pass our stress (durability) tests. The HP7400, the latest model, will work with WYNN. But HP's TWAIN drivers are rather slow. In addition, you can only use Automatic Contrast with this scanner's TWAIN drivers. Any other contrast setting can introduce scanning errors into the image. Since "Scan for Speed" turns off automatic contrast, you should not use Scan for Speed with this scanner. Aside from this limitation, the scanner seems to work well.

Other Scanners Recommended With Qualifiers

Microtek ScanMaker 4700 and 5700 are recommended, but only on Windows 98 or Windows Me.
Microtek other models: work well, but are slow.

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