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WYNN 5.1: Software for people with reading challenges

User Interface

WYNN’s user interface has been carefully designed to provide power, flexibility, and a short learning curve. Our color-coded toolbars have intuitive, large buttons that are labeled with both pictures and words.
  Easy-to-use rotating toolbars provide all functions.
  Intuitive buttons and icons allow a short learning curve.
  Simultaneous auditory and visual presentation supports all learning styles.
  Clear, natural-sounding speech.


The File Management Tool Bar


The blue File Management tool bar lets you scan a page, open, close, save, and print files. It also lets you browse the Internet or send email. Use the Text View button, and its partner, the Exact View button, to switch between two different views of the page. Like the other three tool bars, this one includes the Next, Read, Write, Exact View, and Other Document buttons.

The Visual Presentation Tool Bar


The green Visual Presentation tool bar controls how WYNN presents the document, including the size of the text, spacing, margins, and the type of font used – all to make the page more readable. Plus, there’s the popular Mask button, which “masks out” everything on the page except the section you wish to read.

The Study Tools Tool Bar


The pink Study Tools tool bar gives you access to a dictionary and a thesaurus; lets you add a bookmark, text, or voice note to the document; and allows you to highlight selected text using brightly-colored “markers.” You can spell a word aloud or break it into syllables. With the List feature, you may bookmark or highlight selected text on a page, then make a list of those highlights in a separate document.

The Writing Tool Bar


The yellow Writing tool bar helps create or edit a document. Our buttons let you cut, copy or paste text, run a spell check, or ask WYNN to find a specific word in the document. The new word prediction feature helps struggling writers and spellers. Students can also create and manage outlines.



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