Yucca Therapy Wraps

Yucca Therapy Neck Wrap

Wraps & Cuddles the neck to relax the shoulder and neck muscles. Comes in two sizes. The large fits 16 neck. (unscented wraps available)

101R $34.95
102R Large $37.95

Yucca Therapy Low Back Wrap

Not just for the low back. This wrap may be used tin a wide variety of ways. Wraps the knee, neck shoulder, stomach, mid-back or hip area. Velcro straps secure this wrap to the body. Regular wrap is 22" long, the large wrap is 30" long. Both come with a 32" velcro strap.

201R $44.95
202R Large $54.95

Yucca Therapy Turtle Wrap (Upper Back)

Designed to be draped over the shoulders and down the upper back. This wrap gives relief to those who experience pain from driving, working on a computer, craft workers or lifting heavy objects. This pack may be combined with the neck wrap for maximum relief from serious injuries such as whiplash, of severe muscle spasms. This particular combination covers the muscle groups that support the neck and head.

602R Mini (14x15 - 3lbs) $44.95
601R (14x20 - 5lbs) $54.95
Unscented Wraps Available

Yucca Therapy Sinus Face Wrap

This wrap lays over the face and sinus areas to help relieve stuffy noses and sinus headaches. Eucalyptus is add to the fill, to aid on the reduction of swelling of the mucus membrames

401R $24.95

Yucca Therapy Hand or Foot Wrap

Slip your hand or foot into this new wrap for a feeling of sheer bliss. Moist heat stays warm for 45 minutes to an hour.

505R $29.95

Yucca Therapy Universal Pack

Made to be placed on any part of the body.

301R (9x15) $34.95
302R Large (12x20) $39.95

Yucca Therapy Wrist Wrap

This pack will stay hot for 15 to 20 minutes. May be used on wrist or ankle. Weighs 1 lb.

110R $24.95

Yucca TMJ / Ankle Therapy Wrap

Wraps ankle, shoulder, or may be used over the face for TMJ or sinus problems. Velcro strap included

111R $44.95


Yucca Mouse and Keyboard Therapy Wrist Rest

Fits beneath keyboard or mouse to aid in proper wrist alignment. Heats to soothe wrist discomfort and pain.

110R Mouse Rest $24.95
112R Keyboard Wrist Rest $24.95

Travel Pack

Small enough to fit in your glove compartment or purse. A great travel companion for every purpose.

501R (5x8) $14.95

Yucca Therapy Knee Wrap

Wrap your knee in our new knee wrap. Designed to relieve swelling and pain from ligament or tendons without placing undue pressure on the knee.
Made with 10 individual pockets to keep the fill from slipping. Sectioned to allow the knee to bend. Velcro straps keep pack in place. Design allows the knee to be kept pressure free.

701R Regular $54.95
702R Large $64.95

Yucca Therapy Shoulder Wrap

Made to fit from neck and flow over the shoulder joint. Velcro straps hold wrap in place.

1000R $64.95


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